Pulse and Pressure Jets

My father introduce me to the world of model air planes and pulse Jets in about 1948. I standing about ten feet away when this guy fired up his pulse jet that was mounted to a short winged speed plane that was attached to two 30 feet control lines. I could not believe the incredible ear defying sound that came out of that small engine. What even impressed me even more was the speed of the plane as it flew around the the guy operating the controls. Over the years I have been infatuated with all kind of Rocket and Jet engines. A lot of times when my friends come over to my house. They say Ky, Lets fire up something. There has been a number of times I will say go get some hot dogs and we will have a wiener roast. I will roast the hot dogs in about ten seconds. Then I stick it in the hot thrust of a Jet engine. Over the next few months I will post a lot of information and pictures of my Pulse and Pressure Jets that I have collected through the years.

Ky having a good old wiener roast with his buddy Jeff.

Ky warming up the cool fall night for Ky's hot rod buddies.

This is a picture of Ky Michaelson getting ready to burn up the Black Rock Desert in Dezso Molnar's Lockwood Valve less Pulse Jet powered Go Kart.
Note: The Thrust augmenter on the back of the jet. this increases the thrust performance by a good margin.

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Here are some more pictures of Dezso's Go Kart. That were taken at the X-Cup in New Mexico. Dezso's former crew chief, Craig Breedloves 1997 land speed attempt. He has now change his name to Punk Rocket. He is kind of strange, but he is one of the good guys out there, with a very creative mind. Through the grape vine I have heard he is working on a flying car.

Here is a picture taken in 1980 of my buddy Jeff Christensen on his Lockwood Valve less Pulse Jet powered bike.
This pulse jet was used in the war to smoke out the enemies in caves and other hiding places.

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Many years ago Nelson Tyler had a idea that maybe he could developed a flying platform. Using a different form of propulsion other then a Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket. Kory Kline told me the design they came up was to use ten Pulse Jets, five on each side of the pilot. Each pulse jet produced 40 LBS of thrust.

Because of the tremendous high heat the Pulse Jets produced they planed on building a fire suit using tiles very similar to the ones used on the Space Shuttle. One of the problems they found while testing three of the pulse jets together the harmonic vibrations of the three different pulse jets seamed to effect each other. This is the only picture of the project that I have, it shows Kory Kline standing next to three of the pulse jets.

I believe this Lockwood HH 5.25-7 Pulse Jet has some potential to be used on a Jet Belt or Flying Platform.


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