Other Flying Machines

Mr. Jacques Lecarme invented the Ludion Flying Rocket Chair. It was flown in public in 1968 at the Villaroche Aerodrom in France. It was reported that the Ludion chair could fly for 60 seconds. The Ludion rocket uses Proply-Nitrate for fuel.



In 1966 Bell Engineers anticipated the need for providing astronauts means of moving about in zero gravity. here are pictures of Bells Zero-G-Belt. This Belt was tested by Engineer Ralph E. Flexman approximately 100 times in a C-131 airplane.

The Zero-G Belt

Close up of the Zero-G Belt. Note the Mity Mite regulator. It is the same regulator Bell used on there Rocket Belt.




Richard Timewell building his Space Ranger powered by four G8-2-130 Pressure Jets.

No its not a UFO, its Richard Timewell take a cruise in his Space Ranger.

Eugene Gluhareff with his G8-2 Jet engine I had the pleasure on knowing Gene, He was a true innovator and a first class guy.

Space Ranger ad out of a Mechanics Illustrated Magazine.


This section would not be complete with out including my dear friend Captain Ed Ballanger's Vertical Lift Monster. Ed planed on using this outrages device in a futuristic Rocket Car show that he was planning on turning the race car exhibition circuit with. This over glorified barbeque was powered by 4 Gluhareff G8-130 jet engines. The first and last time that he ran it was in 1979 when he brought the flying platform out to Orange County raceway in California. If Ed was not wearing one Jim Deist's Fire suit he would have been instant toast. Because as soon as he open up these fire breathing monsters Ed was totally engulfed in Flames, Now Ed is a pretty brave guy, but he is no dummy, so when he looked down an saw his fire suit burning off him he suddenly came up with the conclusion this thing could stop him from having his next birthday. NHRA officials were there to witness Ed's near brush with death, and said if you ever try to run this on a NHRA track again he would lose his Rocket Car license forever.

Article out of 1980 Hot Rod Magazine.

A picture of Captain Ed Ballinger standing next to my Rocket car that he set a number of track records with.



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